o Nutria NN: agosto 2009l

lunes, agosto 03, 2009

'Nutria NN' (+Gepe) in the Upstairs Lounge at Pianos NYC

'Nutria NN' (+Gepe) in the Upstairs Lounge at Pianos
Feb. 15. 2009

Warm acoustic guitar; sad and happy songs ringing out sweet and mellow; brief moments of glockenspiel, whistling, pan flute; eager audience clapping along. Mellisonant Latin-folkers Nutria NN communed with as many sweaty bodies as could get near the stage in the Upstairs Lounge at Pianos on Sunday night. Headliner Gepe joined the group for their last two songs, singing vox on "Deten el invierno," and playing snare drum on the final song, giving its groove an unexpected military twist. "Otra! Otra!" cried the crowd at the end of the song, answered by a simple command from Nutria's lead singer to “Stay!” for Gepe.

by kleineKultur