o Nutria NN: agosto 2008l

lunes, agosto 11, 2008

Nutria NN: Daily News (Viva New York)

Nutria NN -banda de musica latino americana de Brooklyn- en el diario Daily News (NYC)
Miercoles 6 de Agosto, New York, NY

Nutria NN — Brooklyn protest rock // Rocking Nutria
(Por Jose Simian)
Few sights are stranger in the hipster haven neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, than a performance by Nutria N.N. Chilean songwriter Christian Torres-Roje earnestly recites a poem by Federico García Lorca between folk songs infused with '70s Latin-American protest music. Next he launches into a dark electric blues, sung in perfect English, or a swampy rock song imagining the political history of his native country 40 years from now. (Leer mas...)