o Nutria NN: Contragolpe en Berlínl

jueves, septiembre 28, 2006

Contragolpe en Berlín

En esta exhibición presentaré un trabajo teatral/sonoro que preparé basado en el poema "Walking Araund" de Pater N: Sucede que me canso de ser hombre…. Agradezco al Instituto Divorciado por invitarme a esta muestra que reúne a setenta artistas chilenos, estadounidenses, alemanes, argentinos, egipcios, coreanos, etc. en la ciudad de Berlín.

Audio Sample: Walking Around in the Land of Dasein (based on a Pablo Neruda's poem), 2006
audio CD, 7:21 min.+ 3 min. of silence, voice of Pedro Pulido

Francisca Benitez, musico de Nutria tambien aparece en el show con:

M & E, 2006
Video, 15 minutes

With a fixed shot, the video shows the Marx & Engels monument in Berlin, with the Palast Der Republik in the back. M&E talk to each other in mute-film mode; considering the demolition of the former DDR government house, they wonder how long will it take for them to disappear from the landscape. Soon a bus with young tourists arrive and, being aware of the camera, progressively fill up the screen, until they completely block the view of the sculpture.



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